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Winlinton GarageAlfie Lawrie and George Ramsay in the Winlinton Garage  in 1936

Winlinton Garage, late 1930sFounded in 1936 by George Ramsay and Alfie Lawrie as the Ramsay & Lawrie Garage. The name was changed in 1938 to Winlinton Garage, which is taken from the names of the houses across the road: Winton and Eglinton.

Alfie Lawrie left the partnership in the late 1940s to work for Prestwick Airport. George Ramsay took ill in 1960, and Ronald J Ramsay left his job in Ardeer to run the garage. Alan C Ramsay became a partner in the early 1980s.

Alice Lawrie (Alfie's sister) was the garage secretary until the 1980s.

The garage was a Standard dealer before the war; in 1952 it became a Volkswagen sub-agent, and in 1956 a Rootes agent.

The garage went on fire in 1982 and was subsequently rebuilt.

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